Let go, move ahead. Solar Plexus Chakra Bath Bomb

Let go, move ahead. Solar Plexus Chakra Bath Bomb

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Solar Plexus Chakra bath experience with citrine, and cinnamon, clove, and cypress essential oils.

Chakra bath bombs create a unique bath experience. Each bomb's color, stone, and scents are picked to help activate and open the chakras. Epsom salts and oils help detox and nourish your physical body, while color, scent, stones, and meditation suggestion aids in working on the spiritual body.

The solar plexus chakra, at the top of the belly, helps us find confidence within our selves and develop trust in our gut feelings. Cinnamon and clove heat up this self esteem center while cypress aids in opening it. A piece of citrine is embedded and used to open our solar plexus chakra.

Drop into your bath, follow the guided meditation on the included card, and enjoy.

*The color of the bath bomb doesn't directly reflect on the color of the bath. These are beautifully bright in the water even if the bomb itself is not bright!

made with natural ingredients in these and no parabens, SLSA, or petrochemicals. Dye used is FDA approved synthetic dye to achieve a bright color for a powerful chakra experiences.


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